Real Time Live Video Editing, Streaming and Broadcast for Events

Manned cameras

We’ll provide a camera and associated expert member of staff to operate and capture everything in the project brief.  Hand held, with or without stabilsation (gimbal), or on a tripod.

Wireless roaming cameras

Wireless video sounds easy but it is actually quite involved and requires very expensive wireless equipment.  We own 3000 metre HD links made by leading company Teradek.

Robotic cameras

An amazing addition to any event or project these descrete cameras can be installed in remote locations and controlled by computer for position, rotation, zoom and all video settings.

Aerial drone cameras

An aerial view is a very unique angle especially for an event.  We are licensed by the CAA for day and night use of professional cine drones and have 3 trained pilots in house.

Green screen cameras

By filming people or products in front of an illuminated green background we can then remove this background and replace it with anything – be it a photo or feed from another camera.


We have two photographers and several of Canon’s flagship 1DX MK2 cameras in house.  We can capture stills during your event or project as part of our service.

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