Lighting / Lasers

Real Time Live Video Editing, Streaming and Broadcast for Events

Lighting (indoor / outdoor)

We can provide all different types of lighting be it on a stage or arena through to outdoor searchlights.

Lasers (indoor)

Indoor laser displays.  We have some of the world’s most powerful lasers.  We can project moving beams of any colour or create logos and text on to a wall or screen.

Building uplighting

Wash the outside of your venue or building with colour of your choosing.

3D building mapping

High intensity colour projectors are used to paint the outside of your venue with graphics, pictures or moving stories.

Lasers (outdoor)

We own some of the largest wattage full colour lasers which can be seen for miles.  Moving beams can be projected and synchronised to music at your event, concert or exhibition.

Laser Mapping

Lasers are used to draw around shapes with or without animation effects.