Output to Media

Real Time Live Video Editing, Streaming and Broadcast for Events

Vimeo, Youtube, Social or Raw Files

We produce edited video to go online for your audience to view.  The format will be suited to the destination and we can take care of the uploading for you or send you the files for you to manage yourself.

DVD Package

We have facilities in house to produce DVD’s with the video on.  Our replication systems can process runs in the hundreds – above that we can arrange pressing of discs.  We also design artwork for the discs and cases.

SD Cards

If you want to give / sell attendees or customers an SD card of the event proceedings we can have it ready for you as soon as the event finishes.  Realtime recording to multiple cards using Blackmagic SD recorders.

TV Screens

At big events these would be lorry screens or stage screens.

For indoor events such as corporate presentations these might be multiple smaller 50-75″ screens.