Real Time Live Video Editing, Streaming and Broadcast for Events

Streaming your content… LIVE

We can vision mix live camera feeds, overlay titles, add graphics and logos, incorporate drone shots, wireless roaming cameras, static cameras and stream it all live to your social media accounts.  Feeds can appear at the same time on different accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

We use the latest technology from NewTek which gives us amazing ability in real time as it happens.  We can even send live screen grabs straight to Twitter ensuring your social media reports news before the audience do at your event or corporate project.

Engage people who are not present

Bring content to people who are not at your location.  If this is an event you might want to send the entire proceedings or just segments.  Stream a presenter inviting people to attend later that day.

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Before you know it you’ll have a video partner for life working to bring your event or project a new attraction by increasing your engagement with people.