Video Editing

Real Time Live Video Editing, Streaming and Broadcast for Events

Live – Real Time Editing (Vision Mixing)

We bring together live video feeds in real time whilst your event, presentation or project unfolds.  Editing is done as the real event is happening.  We’ll add transitions when switching cameras, insert titles or graphics, add logos or watermarks, incorporate live Twitter feeds and so much more.  We are proud to use the latest Newtek Tricaster systems and have invested heavily in this equipment.

Video Editing – Away From The Filming Location

Video editing conventionally takes place away from the filming site.  We’ll come to your location and film content ready for editing in our purpose built editing studios.  Experts will creatively bring together the footage to tell the story combining any graphics, voice over or music as required.

Capturing Live Performances

Here we have 3 manned cameras and one robotic PTZ installed on the stage.  All 4 feeds are being vision mixed live with audio during the performance and copied to SD for sale at the end of the show.  Alternatively we can produce DVD’s in post production.

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